We are Legal & Liaisoning (L&L Solutions) – Real Estate Consultants in Bangalore, experienced in real estate field since 20 years, Liaisoned for layouts and apartment projects in and around Bangalore. Our team is equipped with all the procedures in real estate legal and Liaison. Well versed with all statutory approvals. Real estate projects implementation with project report including viability report, Our Moto is to serve our Customers with transparency, knowledge and the quality of work.

About Us

L&L Solutions seeks to redefine the Trust in real estate services in Bangalore by providing the best service in Real-estate field.

L&L Solutions is a competent player in the category Real Estate Consultants in Bangalore. Our well-known establishment acts as One Stop for All Solution - real estate services. We utilize our promoter’s extensive experience in process implementation, service delivery, and standard methodologies with professional approach. Further, our aim is to revolutionize the experience of real estate services in Bangalore and other places. And, It has already begun with our track record of delivering high-quality services. The customer satisfaction is as important as our products and services for us. It allows us to establish a firm foothold in the real-estate industry. Moreover, with dedication towards work, we put a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals with Genuine aim of good Service.

L&L Solutions operates with an innate passion to serve esteemed customers at a very affordable price-point. We at L&L Solutions, share the diversified experience besides, we believe in providing value to the customer for every single penny charged. In a way, the customer can trust us completely. To save the client’s valuable time, we have designed our real estate services in such a way. So that, you can confide in us completely for the upkeep and maintenance of your properties. Overall, we do understand very well that you have invested your lifetime savings in buying your property. Thus, we emphasize three main areas including transparency, customer awareness programs and the quality of work (service) delivered.

Transparency is the core value of L&L Solutions. As transparency is our offering and strength. Our endeavor is to partner with our customers. Hence, we demystify the aspects of property transactions. Consequently, there are no hidden facts or costs or any last minute surprises. We portrayed the lucid view of documents and quotes an honest price to the buyers. Furthermore, we run knowledge empowers you programs as well. Providing all sorts of information required for our clients enables them to make decisions with much ease and belief. Keeping customers updated with detailed information, enlighten them with various facts relating to home loans and other significant facts.

Our Services

Real Estate Services

Opinion on Purchase of Properties, Title Tracing, Confirmation on prevailing Market values and assessment of the properties , Advise on Approvals, Appraise of Location, Viability report in terms of Cash Flows.

Revenue Related Assignments

Obtaining all the revenue documents from the concerned offices, Conversion of land & other Related assignments, Correction in RTC Survey, Phodi, 11 E Sketch, Cast Certificate and Revenue related works

Sub-Registrar Works

Preparation and vetting of all registration documents, Handling all the types of documents registrations in the concerned sub-registrar office like Sale Deed, Sale Agreement, Rental Agreement, MOE and so on, Obtaining all certified copy & Encumbrance certificate (E.C) from sub-registrar office, Advise on property registration.

Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA)

Advise on RERA, Handling RERA related assignment, RERA registration, Post registration & Quarterly updates, Any other issues relating to RERA.

Approvals for Layout/Apartments

BSNL, BESCOM, BWSSB, Panchayath, NOC from Pollution Control board and MOEF, NOC from Airport authority, NOC from Fire and Safety, Approvals for Lifts and Generators, Plan approvals from jurisdictional planning authorities, Amalgamation and bifurcation of Sites

Khata Issuance / Transfer

  • We handle Khata issuance / transfer for properties in Bangalore. The service is subject to government procedures and the availability of all documents as required by the respective authority (BBMP / BDA / Gram Panchayath)
  • Provide us the scanned copies of the required document by email or courier it, whichever is convenient. All orders are taken up on research basis ONLY to first check on feasibility.
  • Once the feasibility is checked through research, we will brief you on any additional documents required and our service charges towards the same. If the same is not feasible, we will let you know the precise reasons for not being to proceed further with the order.
  • Remember that while the process may be same, its applicability and the requirement of documentation could vary from property to property.
  • Once you confirm and make the payment, we will apply for the Khata along with the required supporting documents.
  • We do the running around and follow up till the process is completed. However, issuance/transfer of Khata is strictly based on the procedures of the local authorities, supporting documents and the eligibility criteria for that property.
  • Once the Khata is obtained, it will be dispatched to your address. International shipping will be charged extra.

Documents Required:

  • Sale Deed copy
  • Up to date Property Tax Receipt
  • Previous Khata Copy
  • Latest E.C.
  • Information on any previously known litigation issues.

EC Procurement

  • Provide us the scanned copy of your sale deed by email or courier it, whichever is convenient.
  • On receipt, we will apply for the Encumbrance certificate as per your request with the respective jurisdictional Sub-registrar office.
  • If you opt for a longer period for the EC, then additional charges shall apply.
  • We do the running around and follow up till the document is received.
  • Once the EC is obtained, it will be dispatched to your address. International shipping will be charged extra.

Documents Required:

  • Sale Deed copy (with clear schedule of property description)

Property Tax Payment Service

  • Provide us the scanned copy of the required documents through email or courier it, whichever is convenient.
  • On receipt of the documents, we will visit the jurisdictional Municipal Authority / Gram Panchayath and get the correct estimate of your tax dues and will inform you.
  • Jurisdictional authorities include BBMP/BDA/PANCHAYATH (Bangalore).
  • Once you transfer the money , we will procure the DD (Demand Draft) and then make the payment. We will do the running around and follow up to get the tax receipt, post payment.
  • Tax paid receipts will be dispatched to your address by courier. International shipping will be charged extra.

Documents Required:

  • Sale Deed copy (with clear schedule of property description)
  • Last paid Property Tax Receipt
  • EC latest copy
  • Information on whether your property is rented out or is self-occupied.
  • Electricity Connection Number (required in some places)

Legal Opinion

  • We provide legal opinion on a range of property matters including those related to title at the time of buying a property, review of a sale transaction or partition, gift, settlement, inheritance matters in the event of a dispute or litigation.
  • Remember that an independent legal opinion is mandatory to check for clean titles at the time of purchase. Relying on a builder / seller provided legal opinion or assuming safety on the basis of banks approving home loans for a particular project is no guarantee for clean title. Banks only vet your ability to repay and extend loans largely on that basis.
  • Provide us the copies of the required document by courier. We can arrange local pickup of documents as well.
  • In case of complex cases, additional services charges may be applicable which will be intimated to you upon review by us. Upon your acceptance and payment, we will proceed with preparing the opinion.
  • We Shall Prepare the Opinion based on the documents provided and soft copy will be send to you via Email. Hard copy of the opinion will be dispatched to your address along with any documents provided.

Agreement / Deed Drafting

  • We are expertised in handling agreement or contract and deed drafting for any property related purposes. This can include drafts for Sale Agreement, Sale Deed/Conveyance Deed, Gift Deed, Will, Partition Deed, Settlement Deed and so on. A well-drafted legal document plays a significant role in eliminating confusion and avoiding future disputes through bringing in clarity and purpose clearly to the fore.
  • Provide us the required documents and information by email or courier it, whichever is convenient. We can arrange local pickup of documents as well.
  • The draft will be prepared with the prime purpose of protecting your interests and ensuring that any transaction you enter into is clean and grants you / your successor’s peaceful possession of the property.
  • Once the draft is ready, we will send it to you through email so that you can use it for the intended purpose.

Registration Assistance

  • We can assist you in registering the Sale Deed or Gift Deed or any other deed for your property at the respective jurisdictional Sub-Registrar Office. We can guide you through the process and also have our representatives you or your appointed Power of Attorney holder. In cases, where you cannot be present and need our assistance to represent you legally, we can also act as your Power of Attorney at an extra cost.
  • Provide us the Deed draft format, Previous Sale Deed copy, Latest Property Tax Payment Receipt copy, Khata Certificate & Extract copy or courier it to us, whichever is convenient. We can arrange pickup of documents as well.
  • We will check the registration fees and stamp duty charges applicable and advise.
  • We will then assist you in getting the payment instruments (DD) for the registration and stamp ready in time, if required.
  • We will help and guide you on TDS deduction as may be applicable.
  • If you cannot be physically present for the registration, we help you in preparing a specific Power of Attorney (POA) for your family member / relative to represent you on this matter. In case of NRIs, adjudication of POA is necessary and extra charges and stamp fee will apply.
  • We will be physically present with you or your POA holder at the time of registration. We will handhold you through the process to make sure things go smoothly.


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